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Our Dogs

The Evolution of Nanny's Kennel KennelKennel

Dam Ruhland Nanny (foundation bitch 1981), call name NANNY

Ch. Nanny's Little Ragemuffin,  call name MUFFY

Nanny's Little Melody, call name MELODY

Ch. Nanny's Little Wildcard, call name BJ

Ch. Nanny's Little Nightengales, call name ROXY

Ch. Nanny's Little Bounty Hunter, call name BEAR

Ch. Nanny's Dream Girl, call name RASCAL

Nanny's Little Trouble Maker, call name TIFA

Ch. Nanny's Ganster At Dawn, call name GANSTER

Ch. Cestrian's Little Gadabout, call name GADGET

Ch. Cestrian's Femme Fatale, call name PEPSI

Ch. Nanny's Warrior Princess, call name XENA

Ch. Nanny's Brooke 'N' Dunn, call name BROOKE

Ch. Nanny's Btn Rock ‘N’ Hardplace, call name JASPER

Ch. Nanny's Summer Song, call name CRICKET

Nanny's Trouble In Disguise, call name PITA

Nanny's Caprice In Disguise, call name CAPRICE

Nanny's Little Blackjack, call name BLACKJACK

Nanny's Little Pixie Miss Dixie, call name DIXIE

Ch. Nanny's Dark Shadow of the Night, call name SHADOW

Ch. Nanny's Stich ‘N’ Time, call name STICH

Nanny's Black Magic Woman, call name SMUDGE

Nanny's Fancy This, call name FANCY

Nanny's Cestrian The Joker, call name JOKER

Ch. Cesttrian Goodwill Hunter. call name HUNTER

Nanny's Ebony BTN Fire ‘N’ Ashes, call name EBONY

Nanny'Bodem Gone Fishing  call name FISHER

Nanny Zip Me Up Pretty Please  call name ZIPPER

Nanny’s Kit for Kat  (Kit Kat)

Nanny Charlie Chase that Cat (Charlie)

Benny and the Jets (Benny)