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Nanny’s Kennel Registered

As a child I grew up with a house full of Miniature Schnauzers and as a teenager, I bred the family dog in 1974 and again in 1976.   In 1981, my husband and I bought a Miniature Schnauzer which we named “Nanny”.  I had in mind to have a litter or two but that grew when I started entering Dog Shows.  Thus “Nanny’s Little Kennel” was born.

We take pride in the fact that we have 19 champions, to date. Several of them have multiple Best of Breed and Group Winner with one having achieved Best Puppy in Show.

We are a home based breeder/kennel.  All our puppies are raised in our home, not an outside kennel.  There are two reasons for this; first, we kept the idea as a hobby, less of a business.  Second and most important, the puppies are socialized with people with all the love and attention that goes with that.  Also, since we have several older dogs, they learn to play and their place in the world.  This also contributes to their house training.and makes their transition to a new home easier.

Our Breeding Program focuses on healthy puppies with a good temperament .  We breed for confirmation and disposition.  Breeding is usually planned for spring and fall litters.

Our Breeding Program also includes testing all adults regularly to maintain their health and to detect early signs of diseases or defects which could be passed onto their puppies. This is achieved, in part, by regular “Full Blood Profile” tests.  All adults and puppies have their eyes “Slip Lamp” tested and certified by an Ophthalmologist.